Infinite Swim does not focus on diagnoses or labels. We teach swimming lessons to students of all ages,.

At last, we have been given the go-ahead by Swim South Africa to open Infinite Swim! The teachers and I are so excited, we truly have missed all our swimmers and parents. Thank you to those who sent such lovely messages about the children missing swimming.

Our season starts on the 2nd August 2021.

Due to social distancing and lockdown, we are fully aware of the impact it has and will continue to have on your children. Socially and mentally they have had their little lives turned upside down. We ask that the parents kindly take some time to slow down and reflect that many children may not seem "themselves" when we return to swimming as they will be interacting with others and they will be in a small group setting for the first time in months. Furthermore, we do understand that the children have not experienced much physical activity during these past few months and many of them will not be on the same level where we left off. This is completely understandable under these given circumstances. We do intend to take things slowly as we return to the "new normal" and we would like to reassure the parents that we have every intention to take your child's new social, mental, and physical needs into consideration. We also kindly ask that the parents work with us in this regard and it may seem as if your child is starting over - please be patient with us and your child. We would like to emphasize that it is a new beginning for them and setting goals at this stage is not be realistic.

Our Venue Code (club or swim school) is GPEK033