Toddler Swimming

Water familiarization, informally referred to as “baby swimming lessons”, is an ideal way to bond with your little one through the repetitive use of catchy rhymes and fun activities. We aim to create a safe and happy environment so that effective learning can take place.

A parent, grandparent or an authorized adult must be in the water with the little one. Infants and toddlers are transformed from being totally helpless in the water into confident and capable little swimmers. This has the benefit of increasing self-esteem and independence in participants while bringing relief and reassurance to parents. Once the parent and little one are comfortable in the water we will progress onto teaching basic life-saving skills. The instructor will introduce safe submersions helping the infant and toddler to cope with spatial awareness under water.

We focus on fundamental swimming and safety skills while learning how to be a part of a group environment. This is the perfect way to get your little one started on a lifetime of learning to love the water and being safe around it at the same time.